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Published 5/21/2020

Shiawassee Community Foundation 2020 Scholarship Recipients

LISTEN: Shout Outs to All Winners on Shiawassee Radio



Recently, the Shiawassee Community Foundation revealed the names of all the scholarship recipients for the 2020 scholarship awards cycle.

In the absence of the the traditional awards event that was planned this year for April 16th, in a series of four Shiawassee Radio Podcast episodes, Josh Strickland congratulated each of the scholarship winners.

Listen to each of the four episodes and continue reading for the full winners list.

Shiawassee Radio S3E17 "Shiawassee Community Foundation Scholarship Awards Part 1"

Shiawassee Radio S3E18 "Shiawassee Community Foundation Scholarship Awards Part 2"

Shiawassee Radio S3E19 "Shiawassee Community Foundation Scholarship Awards Part 3"

Shiawassee Radio S3E20 "Shiawassee Community Foundation Scholarship Awards Part 4"

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  Alexander Women's Scholarship
Lynnae Gilman, Owosso

Karl F. & Ziritha H. (Lowers) Allert Memorial Scholarship
Janae Jancarik, New Lothrop
 Kyah Ribble, Perry
Bancroft Lions Club John Wright Memorial Scholarship
Allen Cooney, Durand
 Elijah Frary, Durand
 Jordan Goodrich, Durand
Nancy Ruth Patenge Beyer Memorial Scholarship
Izabelle Woodbury, Owosso
Dr. Bhaskaran Memorial Scholarship
Jorden Sowash, Owosso

Elsie Blair & Suzanne Blair Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Jordyn Morrish, Durand
Olive Blanner Memorial Scholarship
Jenna Grubb, Owosso
 Madison Chmiko, Owosso
 Parker Hasyn, Owosso

Byron Community Chase Bank Scholarship
Jared Krecji, Byron
Byron Community Duncanson Scholarship
Adam Lawrence, Byron
Byron Community Scholarship
Allissa Ash, Byron
 Brandon Brozich, Byron
 Dylan Baker, Byron
 Lillian Keesler, Byron
 Madison Pellman, Byron
 Sarah Franks, Byron

PFC Shane W. Cantu Memorial Scholarship
Allissa Ash, Byron
 Josie Patrick, Corunna
 Ryan O'Neill, Perry

Shiawassee County Bar Association, Patricia Carmody Memorial Scholarship
Jordyn Morrish, Durand
 Ryan O'Neill, Perry

Emily Chapman Memorial Scholarship
Aleshia Frederiksen, Durand
 David Harris, Durand
 Paige Tucker, Durand
 Rachel Warren, Durand

Philip and Inez Colton Memorial Scholarship
Gabe Gaskin, Owosso
 Jared Krecji, Byron

Phyllis L. and Alton D. Crandell Memorial Scholarship
Mark Sworm, Durand

Karen K. Dasen Memorial Scholarship
Breann Barker, Corunna
 Jaylee Carpenter, Corunna

Rollin V. Dasen Memorial Scholarship
Ava Brewer, Laingsburg
 Ben Butcher, Corunna
 Maya Manuel, Corunna

Drew Decker Memorial Music Scholarship
Kami Aiello, New Lothrop
Norman L. and Marcella C. DesJardins Memorial Scholarship
Anna Salisbury, Owosso
 Olivia Carlton, Owosso

Margaret E. Dittenber Memorial Scholarship
Amelia Freehling, AuGres

Shana Lynne Dumond Memorial Scholarship
Allie Langdon, Owosso
 Maya Manuel, Owosso
 Parker Hasyn, Owosso

Durand Lions Club Scholarship
Kyle Winslow, Durand

Durand Rotary Club Scholarship
Elijah Frary, Durand
 Mark Sworm, Durand
Shelli (Bowles) Edgington Memorial Scholarship
Leah Sarrazin, Owosso
Alford and Alice Emmert Scholarship
Caela Bushre New, Lothrop
 Danielle Hankerd, Owosso
 Jessica Fureigh, Durand

D & B Galloway Scholarship
Hayley Lademann, Morrice
 Jordan Goodrich, Byron
 Olivia Krejci, Byron

Cheryl Gapinski Memorial Scholarship- Music Camp
Naia Smith, Corunna
The GFWC Owosso Woman's Club Scholarship
Kyah Ribble, Perry

Cyril C. & Ella M. Gregoricka Agriculture Scholarship
Clara Henry, Durand
Phyllis Lundie Gruver Memorial Scholarship
Anna Salisbury, Owosso
 Cacia Kaupp, Durand

Harold J. Haas Memorial Scholarship
Grace Miller, Owosso
Harry W. and Olive E. Harder Memorial Scholarship
Brandon Fairchild, Durand
 Hailey Frederiksen, Durand
 Alex Gorney, Durand

Coach Tom Harkema Athletic Scholarship
Mason Collard, Owosso
 McKenna Sovis, Owosso
Ellane I. Hogan Memorial Scholarship
Alexandria Pumford, Owosso

C.S. Hood Memorial Scholarship
Allie Langdon, Owosso
 Allison Alford, Perry
 Colton Blaha, Owosso
 Seth Wendling, New Lothrop
Harold V. and Ima Johns Memorial Scholarship
Alexandria Pumford, Owosso

Donald A. Knieper Memorial Scholarship
Alyssa Miller, New Lothrop
 Julia Martin, New Lothrop
Knights of Columbus St. Joseph Council 12186 Scholarship
Shane McAuliffe, Swartz Creek
Knights of Columbus St. Marys Council 7955 Scholarship
Alexis Bauman, Corunna
 Emma Wykes, Durand

Knights of Columbus St. Mary's Council 7955-Dr. Jean & Peter Sloan Memorial Scholarship
Ben Butcher, Corunna

Kris Marie Kulhanek Memorial Scholarship
Alexander Scovill, Perry
 Jacob Sprague, Durand
 Kaddi Gewirtz, Perry
 Gina O'Brien, Corunna
Jackie Leone Memorial Scholarship
Harper Newell, Owosso

Jill Malzahn Health Fund Scholarship
Aurora Hall, Ovid-Elsie
McAlpine Memorial Band Camp Scholarship
Aidan Loos, Durand
 Allie Jones, Durand
 Austin Berry, Durand
 Joseph Bennett, Durand

McLaughlin Memorial Band Camp Scholarship
Alyssa Fraley, Durand
 Brandon Fairchild, Durand
 Caila Zusack, Durand
 Aiden Stauble, Durand
 Charlotte Ayers, Durand
 Connor Loos, Durand
 Crystal Mulligan, Durand
 Emma Cole, Durand
 Izzabell Frederiksen, Durand
 Jackson Goodwill, Durand
 Jacob Podsiadlik, Durand
 Kaitlyn Rayburn, Durand
 Morgan Gooch, Durand
 Nicole Rayburn, Durand
 Quentin Goodwill, Durand
 Sierra Ranney, Durand

JoAnn (Butcher) Nelson Memorial Scholarship
Simon Freeman, Corunna
 Drew Nickels, Corunna

New Lothrop Schools Endowment Scholarship
Elizabeth Adelburg, New Lothrop
John F. Northway Memorial Golf Scholarship
Kennedy Peplinski, Owosso
 Regan Kopesky, Byron

Nathan Nover Memorial Scholarship
Cora Lynn, Durand
Nathan Nover OHS Sparkplug Award
Mason Collard, Owosso
Martin and Leona O'Brien Scholarship
Lynnae Gilman, Owosso
OHS Leadership Scholarship
MacKenon Tyrrell, Owosso
Owosso Education Association's Mary E. Harper Scholarship
Alexis Chamberlin, Owosso
 Emma Smith, Owosso
 Garret Feinhauer, Owosso
 Grace Miller, Owosso
 Katie Clevenger, Owosso
 Lillyann Davis, Owosso

Paul Penjaska Family Scholarship
Brady Hawks, Laingsburg
 Dominic Poletti, New Lothrop
 Kaddi Gewirtz, Perry
 Kyah Ribble, Perry
 Luke Birchmeier, New Lothrop
 Madeliene Fairweather, Corunna
 Mariah Byrnes, Laingsburg

Shirley (1936) and Joseph Poirier Scholarship
 Jacob Evon, Byron
 Jordan Sowash Owosso
Kyler Raffaelli Memorial Scholarship
Lindsey Carr, Perry
David A. Reed Memorial Scholarship
Ryleigh Jordan, Byron
Evan James Reed Memorial Scholarship
Harper Newell, Owosso
Andrew Rehmann Memorial Scholarship
Brooke McGahey, Morrice
 Katie Nixon, Byron
Owen A. and D. Arlene Rood Journalism Scholarship
Ava Brewer, Laingsburg
Erwin Ryckman Scholarship
Colt Kondel, Corunna
Scoutten/Nash Memorial Scholarship
Anna Ludlow, Laingsburg
 Anne Claus, Laingsburg
 Ava Brewer, Laingsburg
 Kindi Dietz, Laingsburg
Ronald K. Seelhoff Memorial Scholarship
Emma Smith, Owosso

LaJoye-Shenk Scholarship
Kyle Winslow, Durand

Joseph T. Sierzenga, III Memorial Scholarship
Jenna McMaster, Lincoln
Robert G. Skinner Memorial Scholarship
Haley Hooley, Byron
Stephen and Pauline Smith Family Scholarship
Cacia Kaupp, Durand
 Haley Zdunic, Durand
 Michael Hinojosa, Durand

Devin Allen Swatman Memorial Scholarship
Hannah Walters, Owosso
 Joshua Culp, Owosso
Roger and Marian Talbot Family Scholarship
Elysa Evans, Byron
Irene Turk Memorial Scholarship
Isaac Richardson, New Lothrop
Iris (Turk) Lott Memorial Scholarship
 Ryleigh Shephard, Durand
Brad A. VanPelt Memorial Scholarship
Emma Smith, Owosso
 Grace Basso, Owosso
 Lynnae Gilman, Owosso
 Madison Chmiko, Owosso

Carson James Vincent Memorial Scholarship
Justin Moore, Ovid-Elsie
 Shayne Loynes, Ovid-Elsie

Troy A. Vincke Memorial Scholarship
Kerra Henrichs, New Lothrop
MerijoWieber Scholarship
Harper Newell, Owosso
Kevin A. Zmitko Agricultural Scholarship
Madeline Gavenda, Ovid-Elsie

Zonta Club of Owosso Scholarship
Emma Bruff, New Lothrop
 Hayley Lademann, Morrice
 Kaylin Palus, Ovid-Elsie

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