Durand Union Station Mural as it appeared August 15th 2014/Durand Now photo

2005: City Commemorates 100 Years Since Depot Fire With Community Bonfire at Main & Hagle Streets; Railroad Days Queen Erika Hoffman Lights the Ceremonial Fire


Sesquicentennial Mural as it appeared in 1987/Courtesy photo

1987: Durand Celebrates Sesquicentennial

1981: Union Station Re-opens

1979: City Purchases Union Station for $1

1974: Grand Trunk Abandons Union Station

1968: April, The Byron Bulletin First Published by Don Hetchler. It ceased in August of that year.

1967: The Durand Theater, operated by Billy Graham of Detroit, ceases operations; Harry Mohney, Owner of The Sceen, later expresses interest in purchasing

1967: "Blizzard of '67" Paralyzes City

1966: Harry Mohney Opens The Sceen XXX Theater At Former Hi-Vue Drive In Location

1961: Durand Roundhouse Is Torn Down


GTW 6319 Arrives at Durand for Last Steam-Powered Passenger Run on March 27th 1960/Courtesy photo

1960: Last Passenger Steam Train Runs at Durand

1958: Current City Charter Adopted

1956: Hi-Vue Drive-In Theater Begins Operations On April 5th, Later Purchased By Harry Mohney and Becomes The Sceen XXX Drive-In

1952: The Advertiser (Byron) First Published by Mrs. Lloyd Hansen. It ceased in 1955.

1933: First City Charter Adopted

1932: Durand Incorporated as a City

1923: Knights Templar Disaster at Durand

1920: The Commercial (Bancroft) First Published by Frank J. Peek
1905: Union Station Rebuilt


Article in The Durand Express dated April 17th 1905

1905: Fire Destroys Union Station

1903: Durand Union Station Dedicated

1900: September 10th, The Evening Express First Published by Express Pub Co.

1895: U.S. Atlas Counts 255 Durand Residents; Bancroft (642), Byron (413), Vernon (585)


The Durand Express office at the corner of Saginaw and Clinton Street, in the space now occupied by Kathy's School of Dance (formerly Ben Franklin), as seen in a photo estimated circa late 1800s/Courtesy photo

1887: Durand Incorporated as Village

1885: November 6th, The Byron Herald First Published by James Sleeth. It ceased in 1915.

1884: The Vernon Inter-Lake First Published by D.W. Hammond

1879: Bancroft Bulletin First Published by Will W. Secord

1876: May 8th, Post Office Named for George H. Durand, Congressman 6th District


Map of Vernon Center in 1875

1866: May 7th, The Durand Signal First Published by Fred J. Cross
1856: First Rails Arrive In Durand via Detroit and Milwaukee Railway

1837: Vernon Center Named in Vernon Township


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